Jim Corbett National Park


Jim Corbett National Park – At the foothills of Himalayas, the Jim Corbett National Park was founded in the year 1936 lies in the hilly district of Nainital, Almora and Pauri Garhwal.

At present the tiger reserve covers an area of 1318 sq. km and include within the Corbett National Park (520 sq km), Sonanadi wildlife sanctuary (304 sq km) and Kalagarh Reserve Forest (496 sq km).

Jim Corbett National Park

During the 19th Century, much of the indigenous Sal forest in this area were cleared and teak planted to provide timber for the burgeoning Indian Railways.

This rich hunting ground was first protected by major Ramsey who in 1858, banned farming and grazing in the lower Patlidun Valley, which today forms as a large portion of the reserve.  

Initially, it was established as Hailey National Park with 325 square km and major Jim Corbett was one of the key consultants in deciding its boundaries.

He played a significant role in both creating the park and contributing to the preservation of its unique wildlife was formalized. The Jim Corbett National Park was renamed in his honour in 1957, two years after his death.

The park is seprate in two sections by Ramganga river, running broadly south-south west and Kosi river, and their many tributaries.

The Jim Corbett National Park also encompasses the Kalagarh Dam where the Ramganga create the large Reserves which is a great attraction for the bird lovers during winter months.

There are many entry Gates to the Jim Corbett National Park but main ones are as follow:

Amdanda Gate– In Southeast of Tiger Reserve, Entry for Bijrani and Malani FRHs.  Both available for overnight stay for this zone, Preferred for day visits

Distance from Ramnagar- 3 Km

Dhangarhi Gate– South East of the Tiger Reserve, Entry for Sultan,Gairal, Sarapduli, Khinnanauli or Dhikala FRHs. You can only enter this zone if you have permit to stay overnight in any of the Forest Rest Houses mentioned above.

 Exception: canters (15 seaters) operated by the forest department for day visit

Distance from Ramnagar- 20 Km on the Ranikhet road

Khara Gate– In South of the Tiger Reserve, Day visit as well as overnight stays in Jhirna Forest Rest House

Distance from Ramnagar- 20 Km on Ramnagar Kotdwar Road

Durga Devi Gate– On the North East boundary of tiger reserve entry for lohachaur and Kanda Forest Rest House

Distance from Ramnagar- 30 Km

Vatanvasa Gate– In Northwest of the Tiger Reserve, Entry for halduparao Forest Rest House in the Sonandi wildlife Sanctuary

Distance from Kotdwar- 40 Km

The Jim Corbett National Park is stretches across over 520 square kilometres and is home to 488 varied species of flora and fauna.

Although, Bengal Tiger is the major attraction of park. The Terai-Bhabar region include Jim Corbett National Park offers the best habitat for tigers.

Jim Corbett National Park has been exclusively divided into five different zones. These are the marked buffer or core area of the Jim Corbett National Park where you can enjoy wildlife safari and cherish the intriguing behavior of the animals closely.

Jim Corbett National Park

Tiger spotting

Travelling inside the park by Jeep offers you the best chance of spotting a tiger, since you are able to cover a much wider area in that time available. Your guide is also well versed in listening for warning cries and knowing the habits of the animal.  The downside of this is that quite often you will end up in minor traffic jam when a tiger is spotted, with many jeeps converging on the same spot.

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Elephant rides

Taking an elephant ride is an experience in itself, and even though the chance of seeing a tiger from elephant back is much less, the thrill is even greater if, by chance, you do.  There is nothing quite like sitting on elephant’s back with nothing – no steel, no wheel, no glasses, no engine- between you and one of nature’s most magnificent carnivorous. Deer are also much less worry of an elephant’s steady plot than a Jeep’s roar,  so sighting are more frequent, closer and longer than you would have by car. You simply feel much closer to the forest, as your vehicle lazily rips a branch off as she lumbers along to munch along the way.


Fishing is allowed in the Ramganga,  Kosi, Mandal and Kotari rivers with special permit these waters are rich with Mahseer. If you don’t have your own equipment, hiring a rod with cost around Rs 500 per day per beat. Many Resorts such as the van Ghat lodge and Corbett Riverside Resort will be happy to arrange angling trips include permit equipment and transfer at an extra charges.


Stout and comfortable walking shoe are a must, and if you have Binocular, bring them along. Temperature in the winter can go down to freezing, so wear layers of warm clothes and take a jacket or waterproof coat to keep out the chilly winds. Try to mix up with the natural surroundings. That means choosing muted colours to wear, as well as keeping noise to a minimum, and always dispose of your dress considerately.

Bird watching

The park is home to over 580 species of avifauna and bird watchers can have a field day Spotting some of more unusual denizens such as bright headed cisticola and red avadavat. A birdwatcher’s guide to India is excellent resource with its good Maps and fine observations on Corbett and Ramnagar area.

Jim Corbett National Park Weather

The weather in the park remains pleasant throughout the year as compared to most other protected areas of India. The temperature may differ from 5 °C (41 °F) to 30 °C (86 °F) during the winter and some mornings are foggy. Summer temperatures may vary from 22 to 43 °C (104 °F). There are light to heavy Rainfall during the monsoons.

 Jim Corbett National Park Fee Charges

You can check the entry fee of Jim Corbett national park and other charges from below table:


For Indian/SAARC countries

For other countries

Entry Fee

Rs 100

Rs 450

Elephant Rides (2 Hrs)

Rs 300

Rs 1000


Private- Free

Comm. Video Cameras- Rs 500-15000

Private- Free

Comm. Video Cameras- Rs 500-15000

Vehicle Entry Fee (per Day )

Heavy Vehicle- Rs 1500

Light Vehicle- Rs 500

Mini Bus- Rs 800

Heavy Vehicle- Rs 1500

Light Vehicle- Rs 500

Mini Bus- Rs 800

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