Dayara Bugyal Trek


Dayara Bugyal trek offers you the enchanting glimpses of snow-capped peaks, sprawling meadows and encompassing thrill of a summit which is situated in Uttarkashi district of Garhwal division, Uttarakhand. Dayara an alpine meadow, locally called “Bugyal” is surrounded by dense alpine forest, located at height of 11000 ft.

The crest of the Bugyal is a top called “Bakriya top” offers you a spectacular 360° panoramic view of mighty Himalayan mountaintop such as Bhilangana range, Bandarpoonch, Jaonli, Rudragaira, Srikanth, Gangotri– I, II and more.

 In summer and monsoon, the path is dotted with myriads of tiny flowers. While during winters, the meadow is covered with fresh snow.  As a result, Dayara Bugyal trek is an enchanting trek and adored by amateur and veteran trekkers alike.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal trail starts from beautiful village of Barsu in Uttarkashi. Barsu serves as the base for the Dayara Bugyal trek along with offering picturesque views of some 6000m plus Himalayan summits such as John Lee, Srikanth as well as Draupadi Ka Danda I & II. When you go little into the trek you can also spot the Gangotri Massif peaks (I, II & III).

For hundreds of years, Gujjars community have come to these meadows to graze their cattle and bask in the magnificence of such Beauty. Nestled between great Himalayan summits, Dayara is one of the most beautiful meadows to trek to in the India.

The local people of surrounding hamlets and villages such as Raithal, Barsu, Salan and Agora consider this Bugyal to be sacred place. Particulary the shepherds and monsoon settlers who come here each year to graze their cattle.

Van Gurjars/Gujjars are pastoral semi nomadic community and spend their summer and monsoon time in this area. Locals habitants celebrate a Month-Long Butter Festival on the birthday of Hindu Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu & the narrator of Bhagbat Geeta.

Daraya, being well accessible in the months of winter and is a good destination for beginners to experience who wishes to master the technicalities of hiking in a snowy terrain before going to a longer duration Himalayan trek.

Dayara Bugyal Trek Important Information

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