Complete Guide of Lohajung In Uttarakhand


A hidden hamlet in the deep of the Himalayan range, Lohajung is nestled at an altitude of 2300 m in the Garhwal ranges of the Himalayan mountains of Chamoli district. Along with its magnificent surroundings, it also serves as a campsite for backpackers.

According to mythology, the locals believe that the goddess, Parvati, fought with the demon, Lohasur, and defeated him at the spot where the village is situated. Hence, it came to be called Lohajung, named after the battle or Jung with the Asur(Demon).

However, some people believe that the name arose due to the intense rains observed in the village that causes all metallic objects, or Loha, to rust, or Jung.

Complete Guide of Lohajung In Uttarakhand 

Lohajung is the base camp for several popular treks such as Roopkund and Brahmatal from where you can also enjoy the glimpses of Himalayan mountain ranges and some of the most beautiful lakes and ponds. It is a perfect destination for you if you are an adventure lover and want to experience the picturesque views of the mountains and get going to explore the beauty of the place.

A beautiful village, Lohajung is a surrounded by fields of amaranth, popularly known as chaulai, painted in shades of crimson, pink and ochre. You can also walk around these villages and experience their culture, food and lifestyle and you can experience vivid and colourful feathers of nature on display.

The neighbouring village of Lohajung, Wan runs parallel adding to the beauty of the entire experience with its rivers and valleys making it a perfect tourist spot.

Lohajung to Kathgodam – How to Reach

You can reach Lohajung from Dehradun, Haldwani or Kathgodam. Most of the travellers take directly to Kathgodam, from where you will have two options to reach your destination, Lohajung. If you reached Kathgodam before 9 am then you might find a shared cab travelling to Lohajung, or if you plan a more flexible trip then you can hire private cab or taxi that are available throughout the day.

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