Chopta Chandrashila Trek


Chopta chandrashila Trek  – In the trails of Garhwal Himalayas, Chopta chandrashila Trek is situated in the heart of Uttarakhand adorned with mists, evergreen trees and snow. Tungnath temple, world’s highest temple of lord Shiva is situated at 3660 m in the path. In Hindi, Chandrashila means Moon-rock. According to popular legend, It’s belived that Chandrashila Peak is the spot where Lord Rama meditated after defeating the demon-king Ravana.

The Chopta chandrashila Trek offers you a splendid opportunity to enjoy aerial views of the Alpine meadows around chopta, to admire the stone sculpture around the medieval temple. Magnificent glimpses leading to the summit make for an incredible experience and the surrounding beauty leaves you enchanted. Stay on this page for more info i.e. Chopta chandrashila Trek itinerary and Chopta chandrashila Trek important facts.

Chopta chandrashila Trek

Nestled amidst the astounding Himalayas, Chopta is a window into Himalaya’s spring color vibrancy. Chopta has myriad collection of stunning sights which is marvellously engulfed by huge vegetation in spring and summer.

And during winter, Chopta chandrashila trek would be appealing to all eyes since the thick cover of snow and scopes to have a ball in spilling snow will be an amusing part. 

 Chopta is the right space to experience peace of mind and even do meditation to rejuvenate yourself by absorbing the pure radiance from the sun coming in between the swaying trees.

The short trek, Chopta to Tungnath Mandir has tricky trails to make you happy as well as anxious. The Tungnath temple is located at the height of 3400 meters. It is the highest temple dedicated to the Lord Shiva and part of Panch Kedar.

The Chopta chandrashila Trek is easy and trekkers starts their trekking journey from here. Although, advanced trekkers would also find it quite interesting passing by the thick green forests and watching the snow-clad peaks at the distance. Normal fitness is only requirement to do Chopta chandrashila trek.

 Chandrashila peak, which offers you a panaromic views of major peaks of Western and Eastern Uttarakhand such as Kedar, Bandarpoonch and Chaukhamba Peaks.

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Chopta chandrashila Trek Short Itinerary 

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Day 1

If you are even moderately acclimatized, you can make the temple in 3 hours. It’s a delightful hiking which is full of adventure. The first half hour climbs through a forest of conifers and Ferns and lichens.

As the switchback begin, and the forest recedes, you get a feel of the Chopta meadows you have left Behind. On both sides of the path, there are broad swaths of grassy slopes, with tiny clusters of wild flowers, wild Rosemary and berries.

Half -way up, now you take a break with a cup of tea and cookies. From here on, the path drives a steady gradient up the Western flank of the hill. In the distance, you can see a cluster of buildings below the path. This is a research centre for aromatic plants that lies off the path, which now begin to double back urgently, to make the final ascent to the Temple.

Just before you get to Tungnath, there is a tiny Ganesh temple Perched on a rock. Site after the monsoons, The Hills here are covered with forget- menots, buttercups, anemones and wild strawberries.

As the Chopta Chandrashila trek flattens, a flight about 50 stairs sharply off to the left. At their height, a small Kund indicates that you have reached hallowed ground. Then you would arrive at the temple courtyard, through the Arch decked with bells.

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Built of solid granite slabs, the Shiva temple at tungnath look like as the Ancient Temple of Bageshwar and jageshwar. Guarding the entrance is Shiva’s Bull, Nandi.The Arm of Shiva’ sits Bang in the middle, Aadhar one-foot High Lingam. Outside, there are two smaller temples dedicated to Parvati and Vyas.

A few Lodges here offer basic accommodation but, if you want, the grassland below the temple offer infinite camping possibilities.

Day Two

On Day two, we recommend you to start hiking early and climb as fast as you can for the views from the summit before it gets cloudy. BackTrack down the stairs to the Chopta path and turn left on the clear trial.

The trail gets narrows as it sounds the Tungnath hill and you have to clamber a bit as the Terrain turns Rocky. However, Chopta chandrashila trek not risky in any way and suitable for all ages. In fact, even in autumn you can find tiny icicles in the shadows which the delightful for children.

Soon, the grass reassert itself and you can head off the beaten track and explore the various views on either side. The path is always visible head straight up. You should crest the tapering slope in less than 2 hours out of Tungnath.

According to legend, it’s believed that deity Chandrama (moon) spent a long time on the peak in penance. Lord Rama is also supposed to have meditated here to atone for killing Ravana, a Brahmin.

 But even if you are a non-believer, the spot offers you many rewards. Chandrashila peak is a broad Summit which offers you magnificent glimpses of Mandakini and Alaknanda valleys and White Giants that water them i.e. chaukhamba, Bandarpoonch, Kedarnath, Nanda Devi, Gangotri, Neelkanth and several other peaks.

Now, it’s time to roll down the hill to Tungnath in an hour, have tea and breakfast and return to Chopta. The day is still wide open, and you have a lot of time to explore the Mandal Valley or Deoriya Tal. Or go back to the Mandakini Valley Road on the route back to the plains via Rishikesh.

Alternatively, stay in Dugalbitta for the night, a short 2 km to the west of Chopta. 

Finally, the Chopta Chandrashila Trek is suitable for all age group and Chopta Chandrashila Trek is available round the year.  Although, these are respectable altitude. So, we would suggest you to invest a couple of days in acclimatizing instead of rushing on and off them.

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