Yamunotri From Haridwar | Yamunotri Hotels


Yamunotri from Haridwar | Yamunotri Hotels – Situated atop a flank of the Bandar Poonch peak at height of 3165 mts. and is situated opposite to Gangotri dham. Yamunotri Dham is first stop in the Char Dham Yatra is the westernmost shrine of Yamunotri in the Garhwal Himalayas. Yamunotri  dham  is dedicated to Goddess Yamuna (sister of Lord Yama) attracts devotees in large numbers from May to October. 

Yamunotri from Haridwar | Yamunotri Hotels

Yamunotri is the source of the revered river Yamuna which originates from the Champassar Glacier, lying 1 km ahead of the shrine, at an altitude of 4421 mts. as it is not easily accessible. The source of Yamuna lies about 1 km. ahead at the altitude of about 4421 metres. The approach is extremely difficult. Pilgrims do not frequently visit the source of the river and offer pooja at the temple itself. 

The motorable road to Yamunotri continues till Jankichatti via Syanachatti, Ranachatti and Hanumanchatti, 50 km. from Barkot. From Jankichatti it is a 5 km. trek to Yamunotri for which ponies, dandies and kandies are also available. 

Yamunotri dham has a special significaamce in the Hindu mythology. It is believed that this secluded hilly spot was the home of an ancient sage, Asit Muni. Yamuna is the twin sister of Yama, the Lord of Death and also the daughter of Surya the Sun. According to legends, anyone who takes bathes in her waters will be spared a torturous death. 

Near the temple there are three hot springs which are popular very their significance. The most important, Surya Kund, is a tank full of boiling water into which pilgrims dipped and cooked rice and potatoes and taken as “prasad”. Near the Kund, a rock slab, known by the “Divya Shila” is worshipped before puja is offered to the black marble idol of Yamuna. Pilgrims takes bath in the springs is very refreshing after a tedious 13 kms. trek from Hanumanchatti or 5 km. from Janki Chatti. The trek to Yamunotri is magnificent and dominated by a panoramic view of rugged peaks and dense forests.

You can stay in Dharaamshala, guest houses or Hotels in Janki Chatti or Yamunotri.

Yamunotri Dham On Map

You can check the location of Yamunotri Dham from Map given below:

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