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Places to visit in Lohaghat – The hill station of Lohaghat, located on the riverside of Lohawati, in the Champawat district of Uttrakhand at an elevation of 1754 meters above sea level, offers the visitors a true-blue experience of what the Romantic poet iterates in his beautiful lines. Lohaghat is spread over an area of approximately 4.5 sq. km. Lohaghat is known for its tranquil landscape and soothing climate. Like every other hill station, it is a nature’s retreat with lush greenery and pine and oak forests. However, Lohaghat is one of the least explored Himalayan retreats. Lohaghat holds immense historical and mythological importance. During summers the area is covered with Rhododendron, the state flower of Uttarakhand.

Barron who was English Businessman said, “Why go to Kashmir, if there is heaven in the world, so it’s in Lohaghat”. The natural bounteousness in its thick vegetation makes Lohaghat a must visit tourist destination. Away from the commercial spaces and amidst tranquility, the sky-high pine and oak Lohaghat Altitude from sea level – 1754 m forests assures to rapture the tourists. The picturesque landscape and its exquisiteness make one’s heart over brimmed with emotions.

Activities in and around Lohaghat

 Nature Walk

Lohaghat is enveloped in beautiful towering pine and oak forest with abundant natural beauty. It is an ideal place to indulge in nature walks on forest trails that take some through mesmerizing greenery and blissful experience.

 Yoga and Meditation

The art of meditation can be best learned and experienced in a calm and serene atmosphere. The trquil and peace generating environment of Lohaghat offers a perfect destination for one’s spirituality. A secluded spot in the green beauteous mountain space can offer umpteen opportunities to meditate and be one with the nature and its power.


Since there are not many accommodation options at Lohaghat, explorers and travellers usually prefer camping out in the open under the sky. Since Lohaghat is not a trekking destination, one should bring their own camping equipment for convenience and to experience the delight in the forests.

Lohghat On Map

You can check the location of  Lohaghat from Map given below:

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