Complete Guide of Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary


Complete Guide of Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary – Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary cover only about 45 sq km area, however it still extremely diverse in flora and fauna. It is situated around 35 km from the town of Almora. The town of Binsar was the summer capital of the Chand kings and is a popular tourist attraction.

The Sanctuary established in 1988 for a major conservation project to save the broad-leaf oak over here. The sanctuary has pine forests at the lower height whereas oak and rhododendron trees at higher altitude.

 It is also provide habitat to various mosses and wild flowers. Binsar has been declared an Important Bird Area by Bird Life International organisation and more than 200 bird species are spotted in the sanctuary, including forktail, blackbirds laughing thrush, khalij pheasant, nuthatches, parakeets and monal including both resident and migratory birds.The sanctuary is also home animals such as leopards, ghorals, wild boar monkeys, Indian red fox, jackals, porcupines and the Himalayan black bear.

 With one entrance and one road, there are many trails that you can be explored by foot. And that’s good news for those who are averse to the idea of a jeep safari.

Apart from wildlife, Binsar is also a great tourist destination. From the famous Zero Point, you can take glimpse of a 300- km panoramic view of the Greater Himalayas and peaks like Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, Trishul and Kedarnath, Kumaon hills,  Almora city and lower valleys. Other nearby tourist spots to visit are the Binsar Mahadev temple, Kasar Devi temple and Golu Devta Temple.

The fee to enter the sanctuary is ₹150/600 per Indian/Foreigner respectively, plus a ₹250 to ₹500 vehicle fee depending on what you’re driving. Guides, who can be hired at the sanctuary gate or the Rest House, charge ₹250 for a 1½-hour hike. A return taxi from Almora costs about ₹1100.

Getting There

The nearest airport  to Binsar is  Pantnagar  airport which is about 127 km and Kathgodam is the nearest railway station to Binsar (approx 125 km) from where taxis are available.

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