Best Places To Visit In Ranikhet Hill Station


Best Places to visit in Ranikhet hill station – Perched 55 km away from Nainital of Kumaon, and literally translating to ‘Queen’s Meadow’ Ranikhet is named in honour of the Kumaoni queen, Rani Padmini who is believed to have fallen in love with the charm of Ranikhet. Her husband King Sukhdev built a grand palace for her in Ranikhet. Located at a height of 1869 meters above sea level, Ranikhet is a surrounded by forests and offers beautiful view of the Himalayas from several vantage points. Once proposed to be made the Capital of British India, this sleepy little town is renowned for its colonial bungalows and churches that have stood the test of time and can be seen in their original glory.

Best Places To Visit In Ranikhet Hill Station

 Ranikhet is also renowned as the Headquarters of the Kumaon Regiment of the Indian Army and has the Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum. Ranikhet was first formed as a cantonment town by the Britishers in 1869 which is only cantonment in India to enjoy heritage status. It remains an important army town the vestiges of the colonial era are still clearly apparent in this neat and tidy settlement.

The forests around Ranikhet are home to several wildlife species such as the Leopard, Mountain Goat, Barking Deer, Pine Marten, Red Faced Monkey, Red Fox, Jackal and the Indian Hare etc. The summers are great for bird watching and offer a plethora of interesting spotting for avid birders.

Ranikhet has pleasant weather all through the year. Ranikhet experiences Alpine type of climate. The summers in Ranikhet are mild and last from April to June. Although,The winters are cold and carry on from November to February. The months of December and January sees snow fall. Through July and August Ranikhet experiences heavy monsoon rainfall. Rains have been known to cause landslides and should therefore be avoided unless you are ready to experience the adventure.

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